Working together.


Innovation Programs

We work with you to get a well-rounded understanding of your goals, challenges and opportunities in your industry (and beyond). Right from the start, we’ll visualize emerging themes, gain alignment on program goals, and establish quantifying success metrics and benefits so you know what’s working (and what’s not). From process design to translating customer research, we create self-sustaining innovation programs that grow and evolve with your business.


Coaching & Training

We believe in learning by doing. All of our coaching and training sessions are hands-on, and led by trained facilitators and instructors. These sessions can be one day or several weeks depending on your needs and goals. From design thinking to product strategy, our tightly-coupled approach helps teams embrace the mindsets necessary to solve complex business challenges.


Workshop design & facilitation

Our strength is designing workshops that challenge and stretch team members to think and act differently, in a comfortable and safe environment. We offer full and half-day workshops, where we use formal facilitation techniques to help teams work through complex problems. We hold certifications across a number of methodologies and techniques including LEGO Serious Play, Design Thinking and Agile. Together, we explore challenges, discover solutions, and identify success measures. Disrupting organizational stasis and evolving mindsets, enabling creative, and constructive solutions.